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At first I did not pay attention to the fact that there was practically no sweat, but then I realized that something was wrong and went take allopurinol.
Anhidrosis was diagnosed and complex treatment was prescribed.
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Anhidrosis: what is it, causes and treatment.
I have been recovering for more than 3 months and still follow the doctor's recommendations.
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Anhidrosis is a pathology in which a person does not sweat, or sweat is produced in negligible amounts.
The condition is associated with a violation of zyloprim or functions of the sweat glands.

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Due to the lack of sweat, skin hydration suffers, its functions worsen against this background.
To detect anhidrosis, special tests are used, during which sweating is stimulated and then the degree of skin moisture is recorded.
But it is also important to identify those diseases that provoked anhidrosis - it is one of their diagnostic signs.

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Treatment of pathology is conservative. In many cases, it is not anhidrosis that should be eliminated, but the disease that led to its development. congenital; acquired.

The congenital form of such a pathology occurs due to violations of the intrauterine development of the fetus - namely, due to failures in the laying and development of the sweat glands.

The classic causes are aggressive factors that affect the body of the expectant mother, and hence the fetus, which disrupts the development of its organs and tissues - in particular, the sweat glands.
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In most cases, these are the following factors

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A striking example of congenital anhidrosis due to underdevelopment of zyloprim glands is anhydrotic ectodermal dysplasia. This is a hereditary disease that manifests itself as a genetic disorder in the development of ectoderm derivatives (skin, external secretion glands, hair and teeth). The immediate causes of the development of acquired anhidrosis may be factors: dermatological; asthenic; atrophic; traumatic; toxic; neurological.

Red prickly heat and deep prickly heat can lead to a malfunction of the sweat glands with the development of acute generalized (common) anhidrosis. With scleroderma, ichthyosis and leprosy, local (local) sweating disorders appear in certain areas of the skin.
Asthenic anhidrosis occurs in diseases and pathological conditions such as. Addison's disease is an endocrine disease in which the adrenal glands lose their ability to synthesize a sufficient amount of corticosteroid hormones (primarily cortisol).